Fundamental Analysis by Wayne

Fundamental Analysis

Learn how to analyze a company using fundamental analysis.

What you'll learn in this course.

Fundamental Analysis is the basis of all investing. Getting to be familiar with financial statements of the company not only would lead you to great investments, it could also save you from bad companies and frauds. It is the basis and requirement for any self-respecting investor.

In this course you will learn:
  • How to find cheap and great companies.
  • Learn about the 3 financial statements: Balance sheet, Income statement and Cashflow.
  • Learn about the metrics to use for successful investing.
  • How to make use of those metrics to construct a profitable investment strategy.

Course Outline

2 mins
Safety First
4 mins
Balance sheet, Income Statement and Cashflow
4 mins
How to Grow Your Money by Picking Stocks
7 mins
What Affects a Stock Price?
13 mins
Where to Get Accurate Info?
7 mins
Income Statement
Top to Bottom Line
5 mins
Analyzing Income Statement & EPS
13 mins
P/E Ratio
8 mins
Earnings Yield
9 mins
Profit Margin Ratios
9 mins
Hands-on with Profit Margin Ratios
9 mins
Balance Sheet
What is a Balance Sheet?
5 mins
What Does a Balance Sheet Looks Like?
3 mins
ROE (Return on Equity)
5 mins
Using ROE on a Real Company
6 mins
Debt Ratios
8 mins
Using Debt Ratios
11 mins
What is a Cashflow Statement?
7 mins
Operating, Investing, Financing and Free Cashflow
8 mins
10 mins
Investing Strategy
The Warren Buffett Way
6 mins
Portfolio Management
11 mins
When to Sell?
10 mins
How to Think About an Investment
8 mins

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