The Complete Intrinsic Value Course by Wayne

The Complete Intrinsic Value Course

Learn how professional investors compute for the intrinsic value of stocks.

You’re serious about investing. And you want to know the intrinsic value of stocks. Here it is, simplified.

I’ve helped hundreds of students get started investing. It's time to level up your investing skills. Learn the techniques that real long term investors use to compute for the intrinsic value of companies. As well as industry secrets and tools used by professional investors.

This course will answer all your burning questions about Intrinsic Value:

  • How to compute the intrinsic value of stocks?
  • What is the formula for intrinsic value?
  • How do we get accurate intrinsic value?
  • How much return on investment this kind of strategy gives to investors?
  • What tools do investors use for intrinsic value?
  • What are the real world investment cases that uses these strategies?
  • How can I use what I learn to create my own investing strategy?

Course outline

Let's Begin
4 mins
The Truths About Intrinsic Value
7 mins
No Brainers
The Theory of No Brainers - Case Study: PHEN ACEN
9 mins
Case Study: PF (Purefoods) & FB
6 mins
Graham's Number
The Theory of Graham's Number
3 mins
Case Study: A Real Estate Investment
4 mins
A Private Business Owner
The Theory of Price to a Private Business Owner
4 mins
Price to Business Owner Example
5 mins
Case Study: ALI vs SMPH
5 mins
The Young Warren Buffett's Strategy
Warren Buffett's First Investing Strategy
2 mins
Case Study: MWC +100% Return
9 mins
Intrinsic Value of Conglomerates
How Do We Get the Intrinsic Value of Conglomerates?
2 mins
Conglomerates' Intrinsic Value Example
4 mins
Case Study: A Simple Conglomerate
9 mins
Exercise for You
The Oracle's Intrinsic Value
Warren Buffett's Intrinsic Value
6 mins
Example: Mang Boy's Pharmacy
5 mins
Mang Boy's Pharmacy Using Excel
6 mins
Case Study: A Stock that Brought Me +420% Return
12 mins
How to Make Your Estimates More Accurate
3 mins
Case Study 2: DCF for Meralco
14 mins
Things That Add Value
Intrinsic Value That You Can't Compute
2 mins
The Lesser, The Merrier
5 mins
The Magic of Less
5 mins
Insider Purchases
6 mins
Insider Purchases How to Find Them
4 mins

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Here's what you'll get when you join this course.

The Complete Intrinsic Value Course comes from Wayne's full time experience in investing in the stock market. There's no other course like this in the Philippines that's being taught by a real, long-term & full time investor.

Easy to Understand Lessons

If you know me, you know that I make complicated subjects easier to understand. With video lessons accessible anytime, anywhere and lifetime access.

Helpful Community

You'll be invited to a helpful community with people on all walks of life at different points in their investing journey willing to help one another.

Battle-Tested Tools

Tools that will make your investing life easier.

Praises from our students...

When Sir Wayne said he will be creating a course on Intrinsic Value, I immediately availed and reserved my spot. Because I know that he is a great teacher and very honest. I know that I will learn a lot from him, like how much I learned from the VIP courses. And I'm not disappointed!!! This course is one of the best investment in my life. I am already up 113% in one of my stock because of the knowledge I learned from this course. This course already paid for itself. Thank you Sir Wayne.
Joshua Garcia


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No monthly fees. Once you pay for the intrinsic value course, you will have access to the course for life. This is a one-time payment and forever access course.

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No worries! We accept online bank transfer, remittance, offline and over the counter payment all over the world. Just click on this link and I will email you the instructions.

Lifetime access po ba ito?

Yes. You only pay one time and you get to access the course for life.

Where can I contact you?

You can contact me for any questions you have by email or text at text: 09055310560. Please text only, I don't answer unknown callers.

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